Bootleg Biology: Belgian Farmhouse Blend *BETA*

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It’s not farmhouse if it’s not funky!

This blend delivers a unique mix of funk, bright acidity and delightful ester and spice to recreate delicate styles of complex, evolving beer.

Our Belgian Farmhouse Blend is a general purpose mixed culture for saisons, grisettes and any Belgian farmhouse beers that require authentic mixed-culture fermentations that incorporate Brett and Lactic Acid Bacteria.

Hop with at least 10 IBUs to create beers that have a subtle acidity but are big on traditional Belgian yeast and Brett aromas and flavors.

Attenuation: 92-98%
Flocculation: Medium-Low (higher with aging)
Temperature Range: 65-75° F
Alcohol Tolerance


Bootleg BETA

This culture is part of our Bootleg BETA program. We have done limited testing and are not ready to officially release this culture. So let us know what you think! If it’s awesome…or you hate it.. leave a comment on the product page. If you like it, we might rerelease this Bootleg BETA culture officially.