Beer Recipe Kits

We are still figuring out the best to manage selling our kits online so that it reflects our inventory accurately. In the meantime, please call us or stop by if you would like to order a kit. Thanks!

Alt 0246 (5% ABV, 30 IBU) - The Brew Shöp really wanted tö brew this ever since we figured öut how tö put twö döts över the letter “O”.  The beer we created is a light bodied, clean, lagerish ale brewed with traditiönal German Höps. $40.99

Big Beard Rye (5.5% ABV, 47 IBU) - What we have here is a big ol’ spicy Rye IPA with tons of rye and loads of spicy pungent hops. Big beers for big beards, right? At any rate if you don’t have a big beard we guess you can still have some.  Spontaneous 5 o’clock shadow has been known to happen. $44.99

Big Swerve (8% ABV, 60 IBU) - Go big or go home. Big hops, Big alcohol, Big flavor, Big Swerve. $58.99

Black Squirrel Stout (8% ABV, 52 IBU) - This is a big ol’ liberal stout Formulated in the bowels of Kent, Ohio. Intense coffee and chocolate flavors round this one out. We’re not sure what your political standing is and we don’t care we just know you won’t be standing after a few of these bad boys. $54.99

Christmas Cruz (8.5% ABV, 20.7 IBU) - Christmas Ale with all the flavors you’d expect; cinnamon, ginger, honey and caramel malts. Start this one early it will take about three months to mature. $53.99

Chubby Wheel (5.9% ABV, 25 IBU) - Make sure your bike has a rack to take this American Amber along with you everywhere you go.  Our take on a Colorado legend, this light-red brew is big in malty flavor, light in hops and has a residual “twang” that makes it eerily similar to the original. $43.99

Dead Man’s Curve (6.5% ABV, 31 IBU) - Black IPA inspired by Cleveland’s notorious curve. A well-rounded IPA with a hint of dark malts makes this guy dark as night and just as dangerous. Special thanks to Darcye Houska for the great name. Tip cups, not trucks. $49.99

Drunk Uncle (4.5% ABV, 37 IBU) - Yes, he is coming in town this year, yes he is going to drink, and yes he is going to talk to you. Instead of the normal whiskey, talk him into drinking this homebrewed beer. Very easy-drinking pale ale, supported by Centennial, Amarillo, and Mosaic hops. Best of all it is only 4.5% ABV so your uncle will likely get full before he can get drunk. Cheers! $41.99

Fear of the Dark (8.5% ABV, 75 IBU) - Sight limited, other senses heightened. You rely on them for guidance and comfort, but they can trick you so proceed with caution. This dark Barleywine is a monster lurking in the shadows. $69.99

Fester’s Libation (5% ABV, 26 IBU) - This tasty pumpkin ale is highlighted with plenty of biscuit malt and just the right amount of pumpkin pie spices to create a perfect fall beer.  Festers’ go-to libation. $38.99

Galaxy 5000 (7% ABV, 90 IBU) - Our biggest IPA yet! This one will wreck your palate in the best possible way. Pretty intense hop schedule with, you guessed it, Australian Galaxy hops. Enjoy! $67.99

Gateshead Baltic Porter (7.2% ABV, 24.1 IBU) – A big malty backbone, a little sweet, and the accompaniment by higher ABV and a hint of star anise. This lagered porter is perfect for the holiday or a cold winter day. $53.99

HopNade (9% ABV, 64.5 IBU) - Big Double IPA made with Centennial, Simcoe, and Mosaic hops. This one has hops in every step of the process, a true "Hop Bomb." $59.49

Hoppy Little Beer (4.5% ABV, 90 IBU) – This session IPA is the perfect everyday sipper. Bright hops, crisp clean flavor and a hoppy hoppy aroma that even Mr. Ross himself would find beautiful. $49.99

Killer Kölsch from Outer Space (4.7% ABV, 25 IBU) - Clowns, they live on the razor’s edge between hilarity and horror. Is it a grin or a grimace? This Killer Kölsch lives between lager and ale. Fermented warm & cold-conditioned, this straw yellow beer features noble hops and authentic Kölsch malt from Cologne, Germany. $40.99

Kiss My Blarney Stone (4.5% ABV, 32 IBU) - This is a nice, sessionable Dry Stout. Similar   to Guinness, the acid malt gives it a subtle tart dryness that blends well with roasted malts.  “May you always have love in your heart and beer in your belly.” $41.99

Leann Rua (4.3% ABV, 21.9 IBU) - Pronounced (lann roo-a) simply means red ale in Gaelic. That’s just what this recipe is our rendition of an Irish Red Ale. Malty, sweet with a dry finish and very little hop profile. $34.99

Masskrugstemmen (6.1% ABV, 22.7 IBU) - Our take on a classic Oktoberfest. The very long, German name is what they call the stein-holding contest. This one’s an easy drinker with all the characteristics you’d expect; light caramel, medium toast with a crisp clean finish. Available with lager or ale yeast. $40.99

My Dunk – Your Face (4.5% ABV, 15 IBU) - Dunkel means “dark” in German and our version keeps in the style of dark German wheat beers.  As opposed to Dunkelweizen’s cousin, Hefeweizen, this style has more pronounced malt flavors and a copper, rust color profile.  This beer is a perfect example of not to judge a beer by color alone. $40.99

None the Weizen (4.7% ABV, 15 IBU) - Surprisingly, this is CBS’s first German wheat beer kit. Keeping within the style, this beer is all about the yeast. Lallemand’s Munich yeast will contribute esters of banana and clove. At just under 5%, this can be a go-to warm weather. $39.99

P.O.T. (Pride of Tremont) (5% ABV, 24 IBU) - Our Dortmunder style lager is “tinted” w/caramel notes and a gilded color profile.  A combo of German and U.S. hops give this version a crisp, slightly bitter finish. The name P.O.T. is the brainchild of Josh Jeffi and emphasizes the true pleasure derived from being a member of the Tremont family. $38.99

Polk Porter (5% ABV, 31 IBU) - A Robust Porter inspired by Cleveland’s own goofy bastard, Mike Polk. This recipe includes smoked, chocolate, and black malts along with Simcoe and Perle hops and commemorates Mike’s T.V. appearance at the shop. $38.99

Red Glow (8% ABV, 47 IBU) - Imperial Red with a hop forward attitude and crisp malty backbone makes this deceivingly easy drinker a beer for any occasion. $55.99

Roger Good Ale (5.9% ABV, 49 IBU) - Belgian Blonde Ale inspired by the hot August Fantasy Football drafts going on around our pig-skinned crazed country.  Perfect “Beer Snob” summer brew. Light, refreshing, plenty of fruity esters from the Belgian yeast. R-G-A will hit you like a weak side blitz after two or three. $42.49

Seth Roggenbier (5% ABV, 18 IBU) - This one’s for the Freaks and Geeks who love a spicy Rye Bier. Very sessionable but we Knocked Up the amount of rye character to the extreme. You and your friends will want another one Superbad. $36.99

Shop Cat (4.5% ABV, 35 IBU) - This brew is dedicated to our vocal grain defender, Saaz.  Using the hops she is named after, we brewed this Dark Czech Pilsner to emulate her dark coat.  Notes of caramel, and chocolate compliment a light pilsner base in our newest kit, Shop Cat. $39.99

Smooth Move (5.1% ABV, 28 IBU) - A Chocolate Milk Stout brewed with Theobrauma Cacoa nibs and smooth dark malts.  Chocolate malt and lactose lend to a creamy, easy-drinking brew.  An “irregular” beer for a “regular” guy. $52.99

Token Wit (5% ABV, 11 IBU) - Every brewer’s portfolio has to have at least one. A beer that’s expected to be there. A beer conspicuous in its absence. A beer whose own detractors would rally against its exclusion. Token Wit is ours. This take on the traditional Belgian-style white ale is brewed with wheat malts, orange peel, and coriander. It’s easy-drinking, lightly bittered and refreshing. Now you won’t get in trouble for not having one. $41.99

Tripel Dog Dare (9.2% ABV, 18 IBU) - You guessed it folks, it’s a Tripel. High gravity and Belgian yeast. This classic style is a deceivingly easy drinker, but don’t let that fool you, she packs a punch. $54.99

Wahoo Wheat (5.7% ABV, 24.2 IBU) - Hailing from the corner of Carnegie and Ontario, this easy drinking American Wheat is meant to be enjoyed while rooting on the Tribe. Have a few in the name of victory and have a few more in the face of defeat. $40.99

Worker’s Comp. (6% ABV, 28 IBU) – Saison’s were brewed for the farm hands to drink mid-day and quench their thirst. This beer is for the working-class hero and is the perfect way to end a hard day’s work. Dry and floral with a hint of fruitiness. $41.99

Yub Yub Brown Ale (5.5% ABV, 30 IBU) - Ever wonder what the good people on Endor drink? Maybe not, but we have.  This starts with a big malty backbone and a hint of maple. You’ll be swingin’ from the tree tops in no time. $41.99