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Crisp Munich Dark Malt 20L (GB) 1 oz.

Crisp Munich Dark Malt 20L (GB) 1 oz.

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A magical thing happens when amino acids and reducing sugars combine at critical temperatures: the Maillard reaction. Starting with higher protein spring barley, Crisp Dark Munich Malt is germinated to higher levels of modification; early kilning conditions are adjusted to utilize the malt enzymes to hydrolyze protein and convert starch into sugars. Finally, a long drying phase with a higher temperature results in the Maillard reaction taking place to produce pronounced rich malt, freshly baked bread crust, and the characteristic Munich bite at the back of the palate.

Color: 20° L
Moisture Max: 4.5%
Extract FG Min: 79%
Usage Rate: Up to 100%

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