Dupont Saison Dupont

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16.9-ounce can(s). 

The classic Saison, now in a can! Saison Dupont is a top-fermenting beer that is naturally carbonated in the bottle/can. Since 1844, this beer has been brewed on our farm-brewery during the wintertime and then shared the following summer with the “saisoniers” who were working on the fields. Saison Dupont is considered as “the classic” among the Belgian seasonal beers. Coppery blond with the finest aromas and a medium-strong bitterness, transform this beer into a thirst-quencher with no equal. Our selection of yeasts will allow the beer to continue to develop in the bottle/can over time. (Second photo from Dupont IG).


Brasserie Dupont (Tourpes, Belgium)