About Us

Opened in 2012, The Cleveland Brew Shop is a small, locally-owned business located in the Ohio City neighborhood of Cleveland, OH. We are a LHBS (local homebrew shop) who sells ingredients and equipment to make fermented beverages at home. In addition, we have a finely curated selection of craft beer to-go. Finally, we offer classes and host events. Stop by and say hi!

Darren (Owner)
Darren worked at the Shop on and off since it opened in 2012. In 2019, Darren bought the shop from the previous owner, Paul. Darren has been fermenting various things since 2010. When not fermenting things, he enjoys cooking, movies, and seeing live music.  

Travis (Weekend Shift Manger)
Travis has been with the Shop since 2021. He gracefully manages the Shop on the weekends. He lives in Ohio City so our neighborhood is also his neighborhood! When not at the Shop he enjoys running and scoping out new restaurants with his fiancée. He is part Beagle.