Iron Brewer

Welcome to the most unique homebrewing competition of the year!

The brainchild of Corey Miller and benefiting The HomeBros homebrewing club, Iron Brewer adopts the concept behind Iron Chef and drops it into the world of homebrewing. On brew day, teams are randomly assigned an ingredient that they must brew with! From relatively normal things like coconut, to completely wacky things like Warheads. If its edible, its eligible. What follows is a giant brew session at the Shop. Six weeks later we throw a tasting party and give out the awards! Did you make a terrible beer, but had a great name? You could win for Best Name! Did your beer sound awesome on paper, but just did not pan out? You could win the Epic Fail award! This superfun and very unique event happens in May every year. We hope you can join us!

2020 Winner: Kakamora (Style: Cream Ale, Ingredient: Coconut)

2019 Winner: 

2018 Winner: What the Hef? (Style: Weissbier, Ingredient: Warheads)

2017 Winner: Spruce Jenner (Style: Belgian Double, Ingredient: Spruce Tips)