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American White Oak Barrel - 5L

American White Oak Barrel - 5L

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These new 5L barrels are hand made from American White Oak and flamed to a medium toast. Great for ageing beer, wine and spirits. Comes standard with a spring-loaded spigot for easy dispensing. An optional stainless steel spigot is also available.


  • 5 L (1.32 gal)
  • American White Oak
  • Medium toast
  • Raw Exterior (Non-Varnished) for easier leak prevention techniques
  • Stainless Alloy Rings coated in a protective black coating
  • Food grade reinforced plastic screw in cork
  • Spring-loaded spigot for easier dispensing
  • Barrel Wax Block
  • Stand included
  • Add on Stainless Steel Spigot
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