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Winexpert Classic Washington Riesling

Winexpert Classic Washington Riesling

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The pride of German winemaking, this Washington-grown version produces a light, refreshing, well-balanced white wine, which is smooth and is easy to drink. Floral with hints of green apple and lime, it is a great match with seafood or chicken dishes.

ABV: 12%
Sweetness: Off-Dry
Body: Light
Oak: None.

Looking for a delicious and versatile wine for any occasion? Winexpert Classic is the perfect wine to have on hand for life’s big events and everyday moments. Experience the satisfaction of crafting high quality and versatile wines from the world’s best known countries – from the ripe fullness of a lively Shiraz to a crisp Italian Pinot Grigio, delicious wine is yours for the making.

Makes 23 L | 6 US gal (about 30 bottles)
Bottle labels sold separately

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