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Keg King Dual Temperature Controller

Keg King Dual Temperature Controller

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The Keg King Dual Controller (MKII) features dual plugs so you can control both a cooling unit and electric heater at the same time, via the separate heat and cool plugs in the back of the unit. For example, plug both a space heater and refrigerator in the heat and cool outlets on the back of the control, and set the temperature for 55° F. The Keg King Controller will turn on the refrigerator when the temperature gets above 55° and then turn on the space heater if the temperature drops below 55°. It can also be programmed to step temperature up or down over a period of time (up to 12 separate steps). For optimum fermentation conditions using a chest freezer or refrigerator you can program the Keg King to start fermenting at one temperature, increase the temperature after several days and then cold crash. This is done without any intervention at all. Just program the control and forget. Finally, you can also use this to increase the temperature of your electric mash tun so it will automatically step the temperature up and down as you please during a time period you specify.

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