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Omega OYL-437 German Lager I + (DKO)

Omega OYL-437 German Lager I + (DKO)

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One of the world’s most prominent lager strains. Sports a versatile malty profile with light esters at a wide fermentation range. Maintain a more crisp profile by fermenting low or bring out slightly heightened esters at warmer temps (65 – 68°F). Avoid any hints of diacetyl and up your lager game. US only.

Attenuation: 73-77%
Flocculation: Medium-Low
Temperature Range: 45-68° F
Alcohol Tolerance: 9%

DKO Technology
DKO stands for Diacetyl Knock Out — a technology that knocks out diacetyl formation before it starts. Each strain utilizing DKO Technology expresses the ALDC enzyme, allowing you to streamline efficiency and quality without the diacetyl hang-up.


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