Rye 1 oz., 4-6L (Haus Malts)

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Rye is a great grain to add a unique spicy character to any beer. This variety of rye, barsetto, was grown in Ohio, has a uniform kernel size, moderate protein level, very flavorful, and even provides enzymes to help with starch conversion. Usually rye is only 10-20% of the grain bill, but can be used at higher rates if desired. Perfect for use in Pale Ales, IPAs, Roggenbeirs, and more. Grown and malted in Ohio, USA. Color: 5-8 srm Moisture: 3-6% FGDB Extract: 88-93% FAN: 200-260 mg/L DP: 100-140Fully modified, rice hulls recommended if used for more than 20% of the mash.

Haus Malts is one of the first stand-alone craft malting facilities in Ohio, and is certainly the only malting facility in Cleveland since Prohibition.