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White Labs WLP300 Hefeweizen Ale - Next Generation

White Labs WLP300 Hefeweizen Ale - Next Generation

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Our goal in creating PurePitch® Next Generation for Homebrewers was to provide a product that will allow hobbyists and small scale brewers a convenient and modular package to pitch a consistent 7.5 million cells/mL; a commercially recommended pitching rate for standard ale ranges. The same package has proven to be an optimization to PurePitch® for larger professional brewers for over a year.

This popular German strain is used in the production of traditional, authentic hefeweizen. It produces a high level of isoamyl acetate, giving the resulting beer notes of banana. With balanced phenol production, this strain produces notes of clove but remains banana forward. Low flocculation leaves the desired cloudy look, appropriate for the German wheat beer style. Pitching rate and temperature will dramatically affect the flavor and aroma of this strain. Traditional brewing techniques suggest under-pitching to produce more classic characteristics of the style.

Attenuation: 72 - 76%
Flocculation: Low
Temperature Range: 68 - 72° F
Alcohol Tolerance: 12%

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