Black Currant (cassis) flavoring (Amoretti)

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  • Natural (skin-on) blackcurrant
  • Fruit-puree alternative
  • Kosher
Amoretti’s Natural Cassis Artisan is the best way to incorporate the unique flavor of blackcurrant into a variety of desserts. We’ve created the perfect balance between the sweet, red-wine notes and prominent fruit taste of tart blackcurrant to provide a full-bodied cassis flavor that is perfect for cold applications. Whether you’re looking to add depth into a strawberry sorbet or raspberry sorbet – or have the complex flavor of cassis stand alone – we’ve got you covered. For creamier options, impart the tart, fruity flavor of Amoretti’s Natural Cassis Artisan into a batch of rich, creamy cheesecake ice cream for delightful combination of flavors that will leave you wanting more.