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Home Cheese Making (Carroll)

Home Cheese Making (Carroll)

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This book is a must have for anyone who wants to make cheese at home.

Often referred to as the 'Bible for home cheese making' this book is a fantastic resource with 100 cheese making recipes, tutorials, questions and answers, stories about cheese makers and lots more. 

The easy-to-follow format, includes illustrations, charts, glossary and a trouble shooting guide, that takes the complexity out of home cheese making.

Ricki easily explains the cheese making process, from your very first batch of cheese. Lear about equipment, preparing starter cultures, using rennet, controlling temperature and storage of finished cheese.

You will enjoy stories about artisanal and home cheese makers, recipes for using your homemade cheese, hints on how to cut your cheese, recipes from customers and much, much more.

Written by Ricki Carroll (foreword by Ari Weinzweig)

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